Children’s Books by G. B. Gurland

Children’s author G.B. Gurland invites you to enjoy her middle grade and picture books! Available on, and directly from Austin Macauley Publishers.


The Secret Files of Phineas Foster

Almost 13 year old Gabriel Marx struggles with just about everything from school, to relationships, to navigating between his divorced parents. He arrives in NYC for his annual summer visit with his attorney father who finds himself caught up in the mystery surrounding the murder of one of his clients. It is not long before Gabe finds himself smack in the middle of the intrigue and more determined than ever to prove himself to his dad.

Olives, Where Are You?

The story of a most precocious 4 year old who decides there is one and only one food she must have at each meal, olives! A contemporary family account of a child’s insistence and her parents’ patient persistence. Emily rejects her parents attempts to get her to experiment with new foods, but does eventually come around and accept an alternative to olives, but only through her own process of self-discovery.

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